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What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)?

When purchasing a vehicle, the last thing on your mind is the fact that it may breakdown. However, as technology advances and we demand greater functionality, vehicles are becoming much more complex. Modern vehicles can now contain hundreds of mechanical and electrical components, all of which have the unfortunate potential to stop working at any point in time.

It’s at these times, having the protection Mechanical Breakdown Insurance provides can really make a difference; by potentially saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Whilst most vehicle dealers will look to offer you a vehicle free from defects today, it is hard to predict what could happen to that same vehicle in 1 or 2 years down the track.

As vehicles get older and the distance they travel increase, the likelihood of breaking down also increases. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can provide you with financial cover for any necessary repairs that may eventuate and help minimise any related stress.

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